Caramel Chews 40mg Cannabidiol in each pack of 4 caramels)ONE ORDER 2pk


10mg CBD per piece. 4 packs of 2 pieces per pack (8 total pieces) per one order.


30day-guarantee_thumbHandcrafted Carmel Chews! CBD 10mg each piece

Thandcraftedafted caramel chews contain 10mg of CBD Hemp Oil in each piece for your wellness enhancement. Easy to use and to carry with you where ever you go. So delicious! Just like all our products here at Wellness Hemp Oil these chews are batch tested and have all natural ingredients. Sold in packs of  Four pieces in each pack for a total of 40mg of CBD per pack.  MINIMUM ORDER: 2 PACKS OF 4 CARAMELS EACH. Total of 80 mg of CBD Hemp OIl in this order.

Natural Ingredients for a great tasting Caramel

Ingredients: Milk, Brown Sugar, Tapioca Syrup, Cream, Butter, Vanilla, Salt, & 10mg of Decarboxylated CBD in each piece

These are chewy, melt in your mouth, deeply sweet, and insanely great tasting kind of caramel chews. These make some of the best gifts ever for holidays or even just to say thank you. Or for no reason at all! Grab some and get relief quick!

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