27% Pure Hemp Oil Gel Tubes (Gold Oil)

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25.86% CBD Oil. 1 gram, 3 gram, or 10 gram tubes.



30day-guarantee_thumbA DROP OF GOLDEN SUN!

This is our top of the line CBD Hemp Oil product! It delivers CBD under your tongue or you can just eat it with a bite of food if you do not like the taste of oil in your mouth. The main point of herbal therapy in this CBD product is to digest the CBD internally.

Great Prices Too!

We have worked hard to get the price point down on this wonderful pure helpful herbal therapy so those who need this product can afford access to the best.  This is a CO2 processed Organic, Pure Industrial Hemp Oil. No additives, no solvents, or pesticides in our CBD Hemp gel oil! I use this myself for my own health issues and I want only the best for me and for you too. Sold in 1 gram, 3 gram, or 10 gram tubes. Each dose of our Pure hemp oil contains from 40- to 50 mg of CBD! Pure Hemp CBD for your herbal treatment!

Three Sizes of Tubes to suit your Needs

This 25.86 Pure CBD Hemp Oil Tube is sold in 1 gram tubes and 3 gram tubes. Our price point is very important so everyone can afford this wonderful Herbal therapy. When you start on this 25.86% CBD Hemp Oil therapy and you find your quality of life improving you know you are on the path to wellness. Each person is different. Some are better receptors than others. That is why we enjoy talking with each person to offer any information needed on dosing with CBD Hemp Oil. Our main concern is to provide service and great responses for our customers.

Only a small amount is needed with each dose. Only about the size of a grain of rice twice daily is the recommended dose. Everyone is different and you have the choice of using more if needed because there are no side effects and no HIGHS! With a content of  30 to 40 mg of Pure Organic CBD in each dose! Herbal Relief with the best on the market. 



Gold Label is Clinically tested in a lab that is FDA Certified. We offer only the best quality and purity in products here at Wellness Hemp Oil. Do You Know Why? Because I use this product myself for my own wellness! This is cultivated organically with strict regulations. This Gold Label and all the Oils under these regulations guarantee security of product value.  Industrial Hemp plants blended with Hemp Seed Oil combine to make a strong Product. One can mix with other types of products with no fear of overdosage.” Health is Wealth Not High”. No artificial products are in our Gold Label Oil Tubes. No additives or metals. Nothing that can harm.  We offer a 30 day refund. Thank you for visiting our Web-Site.

How to take Hemp Gold OIL Tubes

Only the size of a grain of rice placed on a spoon under your tongue twice a day. The tube comes in 1g, 3g, & 10g quantities. Each tube measures the same amount out in the same size. You just need to squeeze the amount you need out of the tube. Reasons to use Gold Label :

  • Concentrated
  • Easy to use
  • Decarboxylated and filtered for maximum purity
  • Easy to combine with other Products
  • All natural, suitable for vegan, gluten-free, and kosher diets
  • Great Value for the amount of
  • Adjustable Dosage
  • No High, no side Effects
  • Legal to use in the USA
  • Batch Tested and Numbered in an FDA Certified LAB

More about Cannabidiol

Cannabidiol is one of more than 80 naturally occurring Cannabinoids and the second most abundant cannabinoid found in the cannabis plant. has recently captured the spotlight as a natural herbal supplement that is an all natural administration benefiting the herbal community. Doctors are now starting to study this for many health properties. You can look up Dr. Sean McAllister on YouTube and view his opinion of. And also check out ProjectCBD.org. Yes, I choose to use products due to my own 4th stage kidney failure. I am making myself my own trial. I’ll be glad to share with anyone who has an interest. That is Why we formed Lite N’Life. Here at Wellness Hemp Oil, we believe in alternative methods of care along with a doctors care.

My story with Hemp Oil

I am in 4th stage Chronic Kidney Failure who has a pacemaker in my heart , high blood pressure, itching and tingling in the bottom of my feet, and extreme fatigue along with all the other pains that go along with my condition. One thing that really bugs me is that I can hear my heartbeat in my ears and by the afternoon I have ringing in my ears too. I am not on dialysis. I stay on a kidney healthy diet.

My choice in starting my supplement was Gold Label Oil Herbal Renewals tubes administered twice a day, the size of a grain of rice. By the second week of use, I noticed my heart felt better and I no longer had the loud banging in my ears every time my heart took a beat. Then I noticed no ringing in my ears. Great! Next was the lack of itching and burning on the bottom of my feet. WOW! By the third week, my blood pressure dropped to normal limits and I was able to stop taking blood pressure meds for two days at a time! This just blew me over and I knew I needed this supplement in my body to help combat my health issues.

I stopped taking the oil after one month. All the health complaints came slowly creeping back into my body. Now my trial needs to go no further. I await my next order and I am sold on the use of Hemp Oil in my body. I look forward to new and better things to come with my Hemp Oil. The helpful Lite N’ my Life.

Yours truly,

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Tube Size

1 gram tube, 3 gram tube, 10 gram tube