Thrive Vape Bright 200mg CBD Organic Disposable Vape Pure Hemp Oil


Pure Hemp Oil Vape Bright is organic, natural 2000mg CBD in each cartridge. No solvents all natural


money back guaranteeThis is a Five Star Organic CBD 200mg Disposable Vape

Vape Bright is organic Pure Hemp Oil disposable Vape. This is a totally organic disposable vape cartridge with 200mg of CBD in each cartridge. This Vape is 100% Organic Hemp Oil. No Propylene Glycol. No harmful solvents. Each Cartridge will attach to a battery for disposable vapes. We offer the battery packs also.

Vape Bright has ease of a disposable Vape, Made in America, Pure Hemp Oil

Each dose measures that you will receive 15mg of CBD each serving size. With 200mg of CBD per cartridge. Thrive is designed to amplify your brightness. General absorption rate for vapes is 10 minutes and it is in your bloodstream from the lungs. Vapes are used for quick application of CBD herbal Supplement. For long-term use on a cellular level in your body we suggest you try Pure Hemp Oil Gel tubes. This vape is wonderful for everyday use for quick action when needed. And it is made right here in America! This is a 5-star Vape because of the quality it offers. Wellness without the “High”. When you have used up the hemp oil throw away the vape. No filling or mess to deal with. Order another for your continued wellness.

Why we offer only Vape Bright Disposable Vapes

Wellness Hemp Oil provides the best of organic CBD products. We search for medical supplements to offer to our clients the best on the market. Vape Bright meet our qualifications. the vape has 200mg of CBD and that is the dose needed for medical conditions when one is looking for results from a vape. We feel honoured to offer this Vape Bright to you.



Additional information

Thrive Vape Bright

Vape Bright has 200mg of organic hemp oil per disposable cartridge. It attaches to any disposable vape battery.