CBD Hemp OIl & Kidney Disease: How they RELATE?

CBD & Kidney Disease How do they relate?

I am a now 5th stage kidney failure patient who has been on CBD Pure Hemp OIL 27% for over three years now. I am not on dialysis. My quality of life has improved a great deal in the last three years and that is why both I and my husband began our online company Wellnesshempoil.com. My relationship with CBD is my quality of life.

There is quality of life with kidney failure

We wanted to share what I had gained in my quality of life from CBD Hemp Oil with those who suffer. This has been our mission statement from the beginning of our company. We have learned bunches from the continued research I do on a daily basis for all herbal therapies. We know that an educated customer is an empowered person who will take responsibility for their health in a very positive way with proper action to improve their health. We are concerned that so many just decide to take pills and never look at Alternative Medicine as a way to heal their conditions or gain a great quality of life even though they may have a debilitating illness. Not to say that Parma meds do not have a place because they do too! But one must remember that they are a chemical based medicine and not a natural based plant.


When it comes to kidney failure I have tried most methods to prevent dialysis now over the last 9 years. My labs are good because the CBD Hemp Oil has kept my other organs functioning and even helped my kidneys also. It has not healed my kidney disease, but it has awarded me great labs, and good energy now even though my numbers are down to 13% GFR. My CBD Hemp Oil along with the use of other herbs awards me with energy every day to get my work done needed to run our company with a joyful attitude. Anyone who is a kidney failure patient knows what a low GFR will do in side effects to your body and life. Mostly it is the fatigue, the itching, the twitching of muscles, and lack of sleep! Fatigue that is so bad you feel your head is just empty. Yes, these are the symptoms I have felt with my kidney failure. Along with a metal taste in your mouth so that you feel like you just ate a mouth full of metal. The Fatigue is the worse! You do not even feel like you are human any more.

cbd to the rescue!

Here is what I experienced when I first began to use CBD Pure Hemp OIl Gel. I use a 27& gel Tube. I have used most brands as I did my research and used myself as a trail. Now we manufacturer our Pure Hemp Oil so we know what works with no added herbs or solvents. But I am getting ahead of myself. At first, when I began taking my CBD I was doing the target range plan, increasing the dosage each week to find my range need for best benefits. I had just finished my third week of use when I turned to my husband and said” I do not think this is working for me. I have felt more fatigued and tired for these last three weeks that I have been taking this CBD Pure Hemp OIl.” I decided to try for one more week before I gave up because I knew this was an herbal treatment and it takes time to get into the body and cells. In my 4th week of my use of CBD everything changed! It was like a positive shot of energy. I was energized! I felt like going out and cooking supper and doing all sorts of things. Normally I was in bed by 4:00 pm with not doing much during the day. Now I was heading to the grocery store, shopping and visiting my friends. I even stayed up until 11:00 pm. I was like I was before I ever had kidney failure. Although, I knew when I pushed myself too far. I knew my target range now and what I needed. So I began to study CBD even more.


I found this article and I wanted to share it with everyone. The information is great. Do not forget to look into sodium bicarbonate, and activated charcoal,and vitamins too. ENJOY!

CBD Oil & Kidney Disease-How do They Relate – CBDOILWIKI
Published on February 24, 2017

Kidney diseases are not only uncomfortable and serious, but they are also very expensive to treat and often they may not be cured at all and prove to be fatal. But, there is still something natural that can be the ray of hope; we are talking about the CBD oil extracted from hemp.

What Is Chronic Kidney Disease?
In Chronic Kidney Disease, also known as Chronic Renal Failure, you have a progressive loss of kidney functions. Most often, it happens gradually and may take a few months to few years. Chronic kidney disease often goes undetected till the disease is in advanced stages. Almost 14% of all people in the US suffer from Chronic Kidney Disease.

The main symptoms include:

Swelling of hands, feet, ankles – since kidneys do not function properly, the body cannot get rid of the extra fluid and swelling occurs.
Itchy skin – again this is due to accumulation of waste products in your body that the renal functions cannot get rid of.
Fatigue – EPO made by healthy kidneys help in producing oxygen-carrying red blood cells. With less EPO, there is less production of these cells, and hence, less oxygen reaches the muscles and brain which makes one tired quickly.
Blood in urine, change in the texture of urine and increase in urination frequency.
Loss of appetite
Feeling dizzy, out of breath and suffering from muscle cramps and twitches.
How Can CBD Hemp Oil Be Used To Treat Chronic Kidney Disease?
Hemp oil can work in many ways to help in the treatment:

CBD in hemp oil blocks the inflammatory cytokines which can adversely affect the kidney. It also reduces the activity in the pathway responsible for the expression of genes that aid in inflammation.
Cleanse digestive tract.
In a study conducted in 2002, 12 among the 15 involved patients showed a marked reduction in pain by the use of hemp oil.
In a study conducted, it is also seen to reduce the effects of nephrotoxicity, thus improving renal function.
Cannabis oil is also effective in reducing headaches which can be a symptom (Baron, 2015)
Research conducted by Pan et. al.2009 show that it does improve renal functions.
What Does It Mean For The Chronic Kidney Disease Patients?
From the above studies and available literature, it is proven that cannabis oil can help alleviate the symptoms of this disease and also the ones that cause you this chronic renal failure in the first place. According to Kidney Hospital China, there are many benefits of cannabinoid oil for the suffering patients like –

CBD enhances the functions of the kidneys
It is anti-inflammation thus helping your damaged organ to work well
You can sleep better and also relieve pressure
It keeps your heart safe and also maintains proper cholesterol levels
High blood pressure is also reduced
It strengthens your immune system which can help you fight infections
Ideal Dosage of CBD
Different persons need different dosages of hemp oil, but a mark to start is 25 mg. You can range your dosage between 20 mg to 40 mg to get the desired effects.

If the use of CBD is approved by a physician, States will consider allowing the patients of serious renal diseases to use them. Thus, hemp oil may prove to be extremely helpful in curing Chronic Kidney Disease before it turns fatal.