Hemp Oil CBD Helps Small Health Issues!

img_7521-vinence-pitcure-sHello, this is us the owners of Wellness hemp Oil having a windy day on a Florida Beach. Anthony on far left,Gloria in the middle, and Michelle on the right. We together make up a team of wellness. We all useWellnesshempoil CBD Hemp Oil with all our health issues. Gloria’s use of hemp oil cures her small health issues is the report I want to share with you today.

Gloria is a wonder to us! She has had amazing results on her small health issues as well as large ones using Wellness  hemp oil  CBD. I wanted everyone to know that CBD Hemp Oil is just not for the very serious health issues, but Wellness hemp oil CBD works on every little health issue as well for all our health goodness . Gloria is a very good example of someone with small health issues and has experienced cure with Wellness hemp oil CBD. Here is what happened just this past Sunday.

Gloria came over for dinner at our home when she was leaving I noticed that her ankles were very swollen and the skin was pulled very tight. I already knew that she has run out of her hemp oil, but I keep silent because I want her to tell me herself. When I saw her ankles and legs in that shape I was worried for her health.

We have had this issue checked out at the doctors office and they put her on water pills. Well, I said to her. ” Gloria your ankles, how long have they been swollen like that this time. I thought the CBD hemp oil was preventing this?” She said to me,” I am out of the oil, but I am going to put in an order next week.”

I told her to wait a minute. I ran in the house and got some deep muscle  Wellness hemp oil CBD rub, and rubbed it all over both ankles before she pulled out of the drive way. Anthony said” that swelling will be gone tomorrow.” My reply was “No, I don’t think so. This swelling is too much for just a CBD Hemp Oil rub she needs some internal hemp oil in her body.” Gloria pulled out of the drive way waving goodbye to both of us.

The next day early morning I awoke to the phone ringing. I was  still a bit asleep as I answered the phone.  Gloria was on the phone exclaiming “It’s Gone!, It’s Gone!”. I was still not fully awake, I asked her ” What’s Gone?!” I was alarmed at her voice!

I did not know what she was talking about. She answered. ” The swelling from my ankles is gone! The Wellness Hemp oil CBD did it again!”  Now I was fully awake. I could not believe what I had heard! All the swelling was gone on Gloria’s ankles! I never would have thought that just the Wellness Hemp Oil rub I had used on her legs would have worked so fast. Overnight all swelling was gone!

This is another example of the small advantages of Wellness Hemp Oil CBD at work on even the small health issues of our body.

I wish I would have taken pictures of her legs now so you could see the results for your self. Next time, I will be ready with a picture for you to see for yourself. We now offer theWellness Hemp Oil Fay Farm warming deep rub on our website Wellnesshempoil.com store. It comes in 1.50 oz. Cans and has 50mg CBD in each container. The cost is a low. $30.00. Try it our for your self to experience the healing of CBD Hemp Oil offers to everyone. It is natural, organic, and so good for your health!

That’ all for today From WellnessHempOil.com,