Yummy Gummies (10mg Cannabidiol)


Sold in packs of 3 bottles of 10 pieces per bottle. 10mg CBD per piece.All natural fruit flavored. Organic CBD Hemp OIL.


30day-guarantee_thumbAll natural, chewy, mixed fruit flavored goodness in each little Yummy Gummies chunk. Each one of these awesome fruity Yummy Gummies contains 10mg CBD Pure Hemp Oil with a different fruit flavor to savor in every piece! They’re not sour. They’re not too sweet either. And they don’t stick in between your teeth! That’s a dental nightmare.

This high-quality candy offers a fun and delicious way to measure out the amount of CBD you want to take. I usually end up eating all 10 pieces to receive my 100mg of CBD Hemp Oil each day. The best part is you can’t taste any of the hemp in them. You get the quality Pure CBD Hemp Oil that your body craves. They’re good for you and they come in yummy, chewy natural fruit flavors. Each bottle is tightly sealed so your candy arrives fresh and ready for you to gobble it up! We are confident these Yummy Gummy candies will meet your herbal needs. Our gummies are made with Organic CBD in the mix, not sprayed on after the gummies are made. So you get all the CBD Hemp Oil purity in the amount stated in our Yummy Gummy.

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