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About Us

We started Wellness Hemp Oil, a compassionate care company, to share the herbal goodness of CBD hemp oil. I use CBD hemp oil for my 4th Stage Kidney Failure. I have been in 4th Stage Kidney Failure for over 9 years now without dialysis. I have used diet, alternative medicine, herbs & CBD Hemp Oil to help me achieve the quality of life I enjoy today.

We are a compassionate care company that really provides top notch honest service as our first priority to our customers.  We do not use any high pressure sales methods.  We don’t “upsell” or try to get you to buy more than you need.

We find that by being honest and truthful with our customers is the best thing to do. We offer an alternative medical approach to CBD Hemp Oil concentrates, along with a program of total wellness information focused on each individual person’s needs and issues. By doing so, we create a nurturing and respectful relationship that helps to propel our customers to wellness.

We encourage our customers to take responsibility for their needs and their herbal therapy through providing them with educational information. We provide our customers with scientific research articles to support our stance.  We educate those who want to learn about CBD and its benefits. Research is my best friend. I learn something new about CBD hemp oil every day. I continually talk to others about Cannabis and the benefits of CBD. Learning, being passionate about cannabis and how it can help so many suffering people is what keeps me moving forward with this, my own personal mission.

Before we sell any product, I do extensive research on it: Where it was grown? What methods were used to grow the industrial hemp? What additives, if any, were used? How is it packed and shipped to our labs? After that, I research the methods used for producing the hemp oil. We have studied many extraction methods. For now, we have chosen to use the C02 extraction method for our hemp oil. We believe this process is safest method of extraction because it extracts CBD in its purest and cleanest form while removing other substances like chlorophyll. It leaves no residue and has a cleaner taste than other extraction methods too. Organic, pure, lab tested hemp oil that I personally use myself! I have used myself as a trial, and the results I hear from our customers, to get to the point we are at today.

We are manufacturers of CBD hemp oil products, FDA Registered, Current Good Manufacturing Procedure Certified Laboratory who offer pure, natural and batch tested CBD Hemp Oil products in many forms. Shipped right here in the USA to your door!  Some of our products contain natural flavors and added natural oils. None from China, No Metals or other damaging elements added. No side effects!  We continue our education in all subjects concerning CBD Hemp Oil products so that we can sell to our customers only the best in quality and affordability there is to offer in this market.

Our CBD Hemp Oil education is based on recommended studies performed by many doctors, laboratories, customers, Video TV documentaries and personal use of products. We stay current in our own research to help educate our customers with the correct needed information for their best use of CBD Hemp Oil products.  We sell only cannabidiol products No THC . CBD is about living healthy, not high.

We freely give information out for your own research on the benefits of our products. A good example of this would be the web-site: projectcbd.org. We stand behind our products 100%!! I have my own story of Lite to share from my use of CBC Hemp Oil.  At Wellness Hemp Oil/Lite N’ Life we are open to you comments, suggestions and recommendations. Enjoy the best Lite in your life and share the wellness with others.

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My Personal Story Using CBD with 4th Stage Kidney Failure

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Hi, My name is Michelle and my health condition is the reason we got involved in selling CBD Hemp Oil. Presently, I am a 4th stage kidney failure patient. I have been in this stage of kidney failure for 8 years now. You may not know about what happens to your body in kidney failure. I have learned and felt many changes in my body in these last 8 years. I am not on dialysis. But they have me on a inactive transplant list as you read this.

About 10 years ago they found out that I had little blisters on both kidneys that were banding together to make cyst and taking over my kidney function. I was first told by doctors at the University of Alabama in Birmingham that I would need a kidney transplant in 3 months. At that time, I only had about 25% function in my kidneys. This was in 2009. Those words changed my whole life from one of being an active accounting assistant with a greenhouse business on the side to a unemployed, out of business nursery owner and stunned patient.

I did not know what to do. I thought my life was over! Then I met a nephrologist at UAB who took time to explain what I could do as a kidney patient to put off dialysis and a transplant. I was armed with a beginning to fight and a new hope sprung to life within me! A strict low protein diet was first. Next, I studied every medical article and researched how to avoid kidney failure. I began Acupuncture treatment and herbs. And now I have begun CBD Hemp Oil treatment. I have only been on CBD for two months and already am receiving benefits from the use of CBD. I will continue to report my condition as my supplement use of CBD continues.

My GFR is at 18 today, but I have not had my labs done since I began my CBD Hemp oil treatment. I am going to wait one more month before labs are done.  I have been on Blood pressure meds for years and I have a pacemaker due to the kidneys effecting my heart. In just this short time using CBD oils, I have not had to take a high blood pressure meds in two day spurts and I believe the longer I continue with CBD the better my health will become. The small things that drive one up the wall, like your heart pounding out of your chest has stopped. Yea! I will continue to post my progress. The ringing in my ears gone! And my IBS syndrome seems to have vanished too. I look forward to sharing my “Lite N’ Life”.


Lite N’ Life

We became the manufacturers we are due to our focus on our customer’s recognized needs for supplemented wellness in life being first and foremost in our objectives. We have a 30 day, 100% return policy. Support does not end with the sale. We are interested in each customer reasons for ordering and using CBD Hemp oil. We want to know how our products benefited wellness in your life. We are here for all questions and will be happy to supply our resources for your own study of CBD. You must be 18 years of age to purchase any CBD Hemp Oil product.  Also notify your doctor that you are taking CBD Hemp Oil.  As I have stated I have my own reasons for using CBD Hemp Oil.