Why do I need to take CBD Hemp OIL?

Wellness Hemp Oil Tincture with 100mg or 350mg CBD

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What is the use of taking CBD Hemp OIL?

This article is for the person who just does not understand that it is up to you, yes YOU!, how well your health is.! How do you feel? Are you just stuck in a rut and want to get some energy so you drink 5 cups of coffee a day at work. That is not a good idea for your health. But it is the easy way out! That is what most people want the easy way out!

People all over the world are waking up to the goodness found in CBD Hemp Oil! It is easy to use and the benefits have been found for the people who turn to a herbal remedy. Why? Because they know the chemicals in the medicines they are taking are not giving them the quality of life everyone longs for  It’s the age of information. WAKE UP, IT IS RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU!


It is the age of Information and many folks are waking up to the knowledge and science behind CBD Herbal Therapy.  When I first began taking CBD Hemp oil for my 4th Stage Kidney Failure it was 4 years ago. Wow! How time flys. We began our company due to the results I received from my use of CBD. I could not believe that anything would be able to give me back a good overall feeling in my body once again. But CBD surprised me! When I was given energy I had longed for and was able to think again and really return to activity again, I knew I was on the wellness track. For example, just to be able to stay up past 5 pm was amazing to me. Oh! but I was given so much more. My whole body got better over the longer I took CBD.

Talk about health conditions, UGH!

My Stress test was considered normal even though I have a pacemaker from the kidney failure. My LDL and HDL were normal and that had not happened for 8 years. I was unable to take the medicines the doctors wanted me to take to lower my Cholesterol. But after just one year of taking CBD Pure Hemp Oil gel in the tube, My Cholesterol, & Suger were within normal limits. The doctors were baffled.

Oh! It was not easy! I worked at it very hard. I did not want to live my life on dialysis. I wanted to be able to put off any surgery or dialysis for as long as possible. I researched, I followed a low protein diet. At Stage 5 kidney failure, I began to use other herbs I had researched from my acupuncturist. The Chinese herbs are what I chose as I journeyed through my 5th stage kidney failure. I was able to maintain my activity with this protocol.

I know that folks are tired of reading what other people have experienced with their health stories. It sometimes sounds like a heal all, Blah, Blah, Blah. But it has to be this way to show folks that CBD Hemp Oil is not a joke! It does and has worked as an herbal therapy for many, many years and many, many people! Wake Up! Check it out!

What have you got to lose? Chemicals will hurt your body and organs. I believe they are called: “side effects”. We hear it on TV during all those drug commercials the side effects that go with this drug or that drug. Some are good medicine. I am not against medicine. I just know for myself Herbal Remedies are better for me. Mainly CBD Hemp OIl.They are all natural and do not hurt the organs in most cases. You can find a natural doctor who can help you understand what herbs are all about!

CBD Hemp Oil and Kidney Transplant

On November 11, 2017, I received a Kidney Transplant at the University of Alabama in Birmingham, Alabama. At the time they called me for the surgery My general kidney function number was at 14 and my Creatinine level was at 4 which is really not that high. There are many folks that go in for a kidney transplant and their numbers are GFR 8 & Creatinine is at 9 or higher. I was truly blessed. The CBD Hemp oil I had been taking along with the herbs and diet had preserved my other organs so I was a good candidate for a Kidney Transplant.

Overall I had battled kidney disease since I was 50 years old. At the time of my surgery, I was 65 years old. I was so thankful my health was good for the surgery! Now I am back on my CBD again. Yep, the Pharmacologist at the hospital did a study for me. The best words I ever heard were when he came into my room and said: “Well, as it turns out, from what I found, CBD is good for transplants!” I think I could have jumped out of my bed and danced a jig. But I cheered instead!

So now I am in recovery and doing very well, I am taking my CBD 2 hours after I take my anti-rejection medicines, twice a day. On my 3-month clinic visit, they removed me from 3 of my medicines and that was not to happen until I was at least 6 months in recovery. I am working at my desk and sharing what I can with the Science of CBD Hemp Oil with others. The adventure continues……..


There are many companies out there now selling CBD Hemp OIL products. Beware! Make sure you do your research on your purchase of CBD Hemp Oil Products before you buy. Things to ask.” How much CBD Hemp OIl is in this product?”Or: “Do you have Lab reports on your website?”. Another question is:” Is this Hemp OIl from Hemp seed oil or CBD Cannabis plants with low dose THC?” The Hemp Seed Oil does not contain the cannabinoids that are needed in the herbal therapy of CBD. It has been shown that Hemp seed oil does not have the same effect at the real CBD Co2 processed from the Hemp plant itself.

If you get a free sample card in the mail throw it away!

There is no free CBD Hemp OIL! One company is taking people’s information and set them up for a subscription. Then they take monthly payments out of your bank or credit card. Some folks have not even received the Products they paid for. No phone numbers can be found for the company that provided you the sample. This is a Rip Off for sure.! We have had over one hundred calls from folks that think that we are the company that provided them with their “free sample card or product”.  Because Wellnesshempoil.com sounds close to what name they are using. We have contacted the correct review companies to tell them the truth about this scam.

What Wellness CBD means to me.

Wellness Hemp OIL is a compassionate care company. We do our best to service our clients and provide research on their health issues for them to choose what they want to do. We do not play doctor. We will help folks find a natural doctor to see. We feel that an educated client is an empowered client and will make better decisions about their health care. Blessings to you and yours until my next adventure life awaits!

Michelle DeMello